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Apr 14, 2018


My new Mya-Moe ukulele is a joy to touch, hold, and play!  I waited a year and half to receive it, and it was well worth the wait, as well as every penny of the cost.  I marvel at the craftsmanship every time I play it, and feel honored to own such a fine instrument.  This is truly one of the nicest things I own, and I will treasure it foreve


- Jennifer L. (2457)



Mar 23, 2018


I just wanted to say thank you for my ukulele. Everything about it is beautiful: the sound; the feel; and the look. I will treasure it. The instrument alone would’ve been enough, but your customer service was equally impressive. I appreciated how patient you were as I continuously vacillated through different choices. (I think I chose right, in retrospect, as this concert instrument is the perfect size.) Plus, your videos are so informative, and the website uke tracker is lots of fun


- David L. (2462)



Feb 13, 2018


The pleasure of owning and playing a Mya Moe is truly special. Not only are the instruments works of art, but the balance and clarity between notes is beyond compare of any uke I’ve ever played. Thank you for the experience. It has been well worth the wait


- Jodie K. (2421)



Jan 24, 2018


The same care and love that crafted this Mya-Moe ukulele is now expressed in an enduring and affectionate bond between player and instrument - dedicated to the memory of Teresa. One of our daughters also owns a Mya-Moe ukulele cut from the same wood. We feel much gratitude to you for your talent and devotion to each instrument.


- Matthew S. (2414)



Dec 3, 2017


She's beautiful beyond my expectations.


- Jonathan P. (2410)



Nov 27, 2017


Always out, always played


- Roger P. (2360)



Nov 20, 2017


I love this Uke! It sounds better and more open new than my other Uke's do after two years. Everywhere I take it I get compliments on its looks and sound, and I do take it everywhere. The sound for such a small instrument is BIG and the sustain just keeps going. Thank you for creating such a beautiful and functional piece of art. Your skills are greatly appreciated!


- Steve B. (2318)



Oct 18, 2017


I received my Mya-Moe ukulele yesterday and it is just gorgeous! Everything about it is fantastic. It sounds wonderful and I can’t stop playing it!


- Carlye C. (2317)



Sep 27, 2017


She is just divine, and looks and sounds even more amazing than I’d imagined… and sooooo worth the wait


- Fi M. (2296)



Sep 21, 2017


My beautiful work of art ukelele arrived last evening. So light and balanced. The shape and size of the body was a surprise. The shape of the Mya-Moe is much easier to hold. Barred chords are easy, too,  with the radiused fret board, and the sound lovely, long sustain, warm and rich. I'm totally happy.


- Deborah B. (2511)


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