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(21 Nov 2023 )



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Vital Stats:

Stock Instruments Available? 10

Number of Trees Planted: 211

Ukulele built in the last 7 days: 0

Ukulele in the shop: 5

Next build start date: May 6, 2024

Projected finish date: Jun 3, 2024

"I couldn’t possibly be happier. It’s a stunningly beautiful soprano with an unexpectedly full and rich sound for such a small bodied instrument. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process of choosing the type of ukulele, type of wood, binding, sound hole, and even an inlay. I enjoyed and appreciated how inclusive Cary was in posting photos on the UkeTracker, answering all of my questions and emails and keeping me in the loop through every step of construction. "

- Josh B. (2646)

Jim S.

Oct 2 - From latest owner pics





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Restringing string-through bridge


Restringing string-through bridge


Latest Completed Work Demo

CWD: #2747


Walnut and Curly Redwood Tenor Classic (2747)