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(12 Jan 2021 )



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"Its perfect. Sounds great, plays great, looks great! Just what i wanted. The family is now complete! I see what you mean when you are holding the ukulele at different angles and how Koa has a chameleon nature, it is like Obsidian and Tigers Eye….Thank you all for your hard work and for supporting my ukulele endeavors, always grateful. I am sure it will get out and about quite a bit this year. "

- Lil’ Rev (1670)

Janet S.

Dec 10 - From latest owner pics




CWD: #2659

Dec 1





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Sample of 2 Tenors


Demos of #2645 Master Grade Myrtle and #2647 Curly Mango


Latest Completed Work Demo

CWD: #2659


Completed Work Demo: #2659. Curly Koa with Bloodwood binding (2659)