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These string sets are for Mya-Moe Owners. As you check out, please use the comment box to indicate the serial number of your Mya-Moe ukulele.



Classic & Resonator (tenor, concert & Soprano)

Standard 4-string Fluorocarbon Sets


C6, wound low-G + high-G (tenor only)








Steel Strings for Lap Steel ONLY


LAP STEEL (tenor)






Most of our string sets are offered in two tunings: C6 (g-c-e-a) and D6 (a-d-f#-b). If you aren't sure which tuning you have, then you likely have C6. D6 is used in parts of the Canadian educational system, and a few other locations. C6 is by far the more prevalent ukulele tuning.


Baritone tuning is d-g-b-e.


Many of the string sets are available for tenor, concert and soprano ukuleles. After adding your string set(s) to your shopping cart, you can select the ukulele size during check-out.


For information on the various strings, and a list of the strings that we use as standard on our instruments, click here.


For string diameter & tension specifications, click here.


Note that the various string types are different diameters. Changing string types may require that your nut slots be opened up. This is most often the case when switching to a fluorocarbon low-G (.0433" vs. .030" for a wound low-G).



Fluorocarbon String Sets


Clear strings are 100% fluorocarbon nylon with a bright, very forward sound. These are our standard strings and we love how they perform on our instruments. Note that the fluorocarbon low-G is .0433" diameter, versus .030" for a wound low-G. Changing to the fluorocarbon low-G may require that your nut slot be opened up.


For those players that have multiple instruments, some strung high-g and some low-g, or for players that like to switch between tunings, we sell a tenor set that includes both a high and low-g.