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Sep 13, 2022


This instrument has become an incredible companion. Its gorgeous notes have instructed me to slow down and take in their personal, crystalline, languid sound. The reason I ever began playing ukulele was to create peaceful moments. To my ear, this ukulele was made for these times. In addition, the exquisite feel of the neck, setup and weight make playing a complete pleasure. Last, but not least (by any stretch) your craftsmanship is impeccable. I really appreciate and admire your art. Stunning! I smile every time I open the case and see this sweet ukulele.


- Eileen M (2757)



Jul 1, 2022


It’s truly a work of art. I see why you were sorry to part with it. Glad to know that Mya-Moe is in good and capable hands. Can’t wait to get better acquainted with Myrtle. Thanks for all the love and care you put into it.


- Bill W. (2735)



May 25, 2022


I love this soprano so much. I can’t put it down.


- Amy H. (2736)



Apr 26, 2022


What a gorgeous instrument!  Its bright sound is as great as the instrument looks. It is obvious you took your time attending to every detail.  I can’t thank you enough & know that I will enjoy playing it - hopefully - long into the future.  I feel so lucky to have this custom made Mya-Moe ukulele! 


- Sue P. (2741)



Jan 15, 2022


it’s absolutely perfect! It has the exact sound I was hoping for and is a gorgeous instrument. I can’t stop playing it.  Definitely something that I’ll enjoy til my fingers don’t work anymore (hopefully many many years from now), then pass it down to my son. Quite an amazing talent you have.


- Tony C. (2725)



Nov 16, 2021


Wow, Cary, The Myrtle and Port Orford Cedar Cascade Series baritone you built for me has a very rich baritone sound that is excellent when played unplugged, but even more so when played through my amp. The K & K twin spot pickup works so well. As for the appearance, it is absolutely beautiful! The Master Grade Myrtle bookmatched back and sides and the Curly Port Orford Cedar top with the rope binding make this a real stunner. As easy on the eyes as it is to play. What fun!


- Fred P. (2713)



Aug 16, 2021


I love my mya-moe six string tenor, it has a great jingle jangle chorus affect and I love the way it sounds picked... And the minor chords on it are lovely. It is made absolutely beautifully the quality is brilliant, and Cary has excellent customer service. Came with a luxury case and stays in tune really well! Very happy with this amazing and beautiful ukulele. Thank you Cary!


- Kathy S. (2681)



Jun 18, 2021


Hi, Cary. This is the most incredible instrument by far that I own. Phenomenal in both appearance and sound. The quality is fabulous!!! This is the "killer" blues machine I hoped it would be. Thank you so much. You've made an old guy who is having difficulty physically wielding his guitars a very happy music maker. 


- Fred P. (2692)



May 6, 2021


Hi Cary -  Myrtle arrived safe and sound and she both looks and play so sweet!  I am VERY pleased.  You did a fantastic job.  Now I just need to decide on the details of the next one.


- Rick H. (2684)



Apr 19, 2021


Hi Cary! It's here and perfect and I absolutely love it!!! I am sooo excited! It's so so beautiful and I just had a play with it. I love the effect of the 6 strings! It sounds REALLY good on my minor songs it sounds so beautiful. Especially Am and Dm.. I have the feeling I'll be doing a lot of songs with those hahah. Thank you thank you I love it so much.


- Kathy S. (2681)


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