Here it is late in 2016... ...I'm not sure if you know this or not, but Char & I do all our own website development. Certain of our pages just get ignored until something causes us to look at them--we spend most of our time keeping the instruments, pictures, home page and enthusiast pages up to date! In any case, I looked at this page and realized we hadn't updated it in 3 years. We'll finish our 2000th instrument this month. And, we are going to help Aaron start his own ukulele brand (Beansprout). By mid-2018, he will be 100% working on Beansprout, with the exception of Mya-Moe warranty work, which he'll continue to do for us & our owners. At that time, we'll complete the last custom Mya-Moe instrument. Of course, Char & I will continue Mya-Moe, but we're not sure if that will include building new instruments or not. We'll have to wait and see!