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Nov 1, 2012


I thought I'd better take a break from playing and tell you how great it was to meet you today and how much I'm enjoying the instrument. It sounds as good as it looks...superb.


- Curt L. (857)



Nov 1, 2012


I simply can't believe the tone that comes out of 854. Clear, unforgiving - whew. How do you manage to do it? I plugged her into my amp and was amazed and the tone has a clarity that came out even with a street Cube. Can't wait to plug her into my Fisher amp at home in Bellingham.


- Jim C. (854)



Nov 1, 2012


I cannot help myself. It is fun to have a unique instrument made to your own specifications and to have luthiers such as the Mayers to bring life to the unique wood selections. I love both my Little Koa-Moe #247 and my Master Blue Pond Tenor Moe #414. It took a while for it to open up but it sounds great and appears to be aging well. Both ukes allow me to escape my regular high stress day and wonder off somewhere.


- Eddy M. (247)



Oct 31, 2012


Thank you for the timely arrival of the beautiful ukulele #726.


- Bill S. (726)



Oct 30, 2012


Thank you all. The package safely arrived at my place this afternoon. It is what I've expected from your good hands.

Again, thank you all for the fabulous build you all made.


- Manoon L. (849)



Oct 29, 2012


I want to send a sincere thank you to you, Gordon and Aaron for not only building such fine ukuleles, but in caring so much about the quality of your product and also about the customers who purchase them. Your enthusiasm is a refreshing quality not often found in businesses. These are a few of the reasons why you guys have the topnotch reputation you have. Your ukes are a testament to your efforts.


- Becky L. (773)



Oct 26, 2012


I continue to have a blast with my Mya-Moe concert. Here is a photo of me, the uke and a dog fan - I don't know whether he was a big fan of the uke or me.

Thanks again for a wonderful instrument that has given me many hours of enjoyment. Now, let's see - how about a Mya-Moe tenor...


- Tony A. (661)



Oct 26, 2012


This baritone is absolutely beautiful--even better than the pictures. The curly redwood is spectacular. The sound is perfect with lots of sustain. I just ran through "Take me out To the Ballgame' for the office staff, (We're all REALLY involved in this world series) so 851 has given its first 'performance'.

Thank you so much for this little treasure. It has found a good home.


- Jon W. (851)



Oct 25, 2012


After letting the uke sit in its case and acclimate for a time, I opened the case and marveled at its beauty. It plays and sounds as good as it looks. I think that I heard a collective moan from the community of accumulated ukuleles in my house, as they saw their possibility of much playing time flying out the window.


- Jim A. (862)



Oct 24, 2012


I'd like to express my opinion that instruments are a reflection of those that build them. Your instruments reflect precision, good vibes and everything mentioned above. A class act with soul.

I love this thing and appreciate working with you.


- John H. (840)


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