" I think it looks wonderful and exceeds my expectations. I do like the radiused fretboard - one of the driving factors in buying a Mya-Moe. I really wish you could hear this thing today - getting more and more resonant.  It's like the sound board is waiting for you to even look at the strings so it can vibrate.  Now here's something that pleasantly surprised me.  It has a much deeper/fuller timber than my Koa uke.  The Mya-Moe has a much more focused attack as well.  The soundboard overdrives beautifully and I don't lose any of the individual strings in the mix.  The whole experience has been very positive and I'm happy with your results.  I expect this Mya-Moe will rise to the number one uke in my arsenal. "

- Mike G.


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Scheduled Start Date: May 11, 2020
Completed: Jun 03, 2020

  • East Indian Rosewood back & sides

  • Torrefied Sitka Spruce top

  • Bloodwood body binding with Abalone purfling on top

  • Abalone rosette

  • Hand-rubbed oil finish

  • Radiused Ebony fretboard with Bloodwood binding & Abalone markers

  • Mahogany neck

  • Geared machine head tuners with amber buttons

  • Custom Signature Headplate

  • K&K Twin Spot pickup

Hand-crafted in the USA by Cary Kelly. Each instrument is numbered & signed.


Wood Grade: Classic
Wood Availability: Sorry. This wood is no longer available.

Cascade Series Wood Cascade Series Wood


Gallery Photos (completed instrument)



Full Front

Build Schedule





May 11

bend sides, glue in neck block


May 12

glue in tail block


May 13

rout & glue-in end graft, kerf top edge, kerf bottom edge, brace back


May 14

brace top, glue back onto sides


May 18

glue top onto sides, prep fretboard & neck


May 20

clean up body, rout dovetail, drill tuner holes, glue fretboard onto neck, rout binding channels, glue in top binding


May 21

shape neck, dress fret ends, glue in back binding


May 23

prep for finish, glue neck/fretboard onto body


May 26

first coat of oil


May 27

second coat of oil


May 28

third coat of oil


May 29

fourth coat of oil


Jun 1

apply lemon oil, glue on bridge


Jun 2

make saddle, (put in pickup, if any), cut nut, final fretwork, put in tuners, put on strings

Original Wood Set