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(12 Jun 2019 )



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Vital Stats:

Stock Instruments Available? 5

Number of Trees Planted: 206


Completed in the last 7 days: 2

In the shop: 7

"I love how light this axe is! This lightness translates as responsiveness, like an F1 race car, sweet and clear in the quiet, slow parts but loud and fast when I need to floor it! 5 stars!"

- Derek H. (770)

Barb I.

May 21 - From latest owner pics




CWD #2561

May 17





Latest Mya-Moe News

Social Media Uke Build Start


I've begun building the ukulele that was configured through your votes on social media. It is a Curly Myrtle Tenor Classic and you can follow its progress as it gets built using the Mya-Moe UkeTracker. Select RESOURCES in the upper right of the website then select UKE TRACKER. This is Ukulele #2569


Latest Completed Work Demo

CWD #2561


Jon Rogers of Sofa Kings demos this Master Grade Koa and Redwood Tenor with a K&K pickup (2561)