Lil' Rev


"Over the years, I have played many Ukuleles always searching for just the right combination of action, tone, and visual appeal. Mya-Moe has achieved an incomparable level of sophistication with its reso-phonic line of tenors, I highly endorse these Ukuleles!!! -Lil Rev"


Lil' Rev is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, songwriter & music-historian who teaches & tours nationally, around the continental U.S. Known as a 'protector of old songs, poetry & stories,' Rev has been called a 'Wisconsin treasure,' (-Ann Schmid-UWM Folk Center). He has played reso-phonic ukuleles for many years. We are proud that he has chosen Mya-Moe for his resonator ukulele.


Lil' Rev plays:

Quilted Maple Concert Resonator

Quilted Maple Baritone Resonator

Quilted Maple Tenor Resonator



Check out Lil''s videos: