Tobias Elof


"My Mya-Moe Tenor Classic is a real quality 'ukulele, which would be impossible to find here in Denmark. Every day I give thanks that Gordon and Char made me professional 'ukulele with style and neat finish. I enjoy every moment playing it."


band(s): Elof & Wamberg

Tobias is 24 years old and one of the few in Denmark playing the 'ukulele as main instrument. He started playing the 'ukulele at age 8, and after graduation high school, travelled to Canada to study with James Hill and J. Chalmers Doane. He is now the only one in the world studying on the music academy with 'ukulele as main instrument.

He has played in the Danish reggae band Twillusion which released the two albums "Trees Don't Grow on Money" and "Travel Journal".

The 16th of August 2012 he release his debut album "12 Ornli' syge tracks for 'ukulele og kontrabas" together with the fantastic double bass, and fiddle player Nicolaj Wamberg. The album consist of 12 instrumental tunes with strong roots in Danish and Nordic folk music. The album is a landmark in how to play traditional North European music on the 'ukulele by inventing, incorporating, and experimenting, but seriously settling a pioneering direction.


Tobias Elof plays:

Chocolate Heart Mango Tenor Classic

Curly Koa Tenor Classic

Tenor Beansprout Banjo

Curly Myrtle Tenor Classic




Check out Tobias's videos: