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Isadora modeling one of her Mya-Moe’s

May 26, 2012




There are so many things we could say about this picture we don’t even know where to start.



Phillip “Bully” Navarro

May 17, 2012




“Bully” with his Port Orford Cedar topped, Walnut Tenor Classic



Alan Hill & Ralph Shaw

Mar 15, 2012




Taken at a workshop in Bangalow NSW Australia at the Lismore ukulele club meeting.



Dave Matthews

Mar 14, 2012




At an LA charity event on Sunday



Kurt Bloch (Fastbacks & Young Fresh Fellows

Feb 19, 2012




Here’s Kurt with John Roderick’s 6-string



Current Mya-Moe Owner Dayna meets future owner Derek

Feb 16, 2012




What a story! Owner Dayna W. (#626) was playing her Mya-Moe at Crissy Field in San Francisco. Future owner Derek H (#770) sees her and comes up to say hi and play her instrument!



Caroline Knickle

Feb 15, 2012




Here’s Caroline in the snowy Canadian north with her two Mya-Moe’s!



Pinhung Hsu

Feb 7, 2012




Here is Pinhung’s grandmother--Ping says “Just received it, it looks wonderful. Thank you making this beautiful instrument for us. This is my grandma, she's 84 years old. Look how happy she is when strumming it. Thanks again, love you all”



Anya Grundmann & Bob Boilen

Feb 6, 2012




Here’s new owner Anya Grundmann (Director and Executive Producer/NPR Music) with Bob Boilen (Host & Creator of NPR’s “All Songs Considered”). Anya’s ukulele (#545) is a replica of Lisa Hannigan’s instrument.



Chad Copher

Feb 3, 2012




New Owner Chad Copher with his Curly Mango Tenor Classic.


211-220 of 261