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Kim Elerick with Jaka Shimabukuro

Jan 21, 2012




Kim braved snow & ice to drive to Tacoma and see Jake!



Arlene with her Mya-Moe

Jan 1, 2012




Hi Char & Gordon,
It's been a year since I opened my "best" Christmas gift EVER! Thank you for making my 2011 special! Happy New Year 2012!



Our Neighbor

Dec 28, 2011




Here’s our neighbor Andrea with her birthday present. She’s basking in Hawaii while we’re toughing it out in the Gorge!



Dick Harmon

Dec 17, 2011






Clementine Odgers

Dec 1, 2011




Clementine Odgers holding her 16th birthday present, Rambo Junior.



Cinda Tilgner

Oct 1, 2011




Here's Cinda Tilgner, a true road warrior. She travels across the country teaching ukulele.



Robin Ronan

Jan 1, 2011




Robin Ronan with her Christmas 2010 present including a book detailing the build process



Cameron Murray

Jan 1, 2011




Cameron Murray with his Myrtle Concert Resonator



Cinda Tilgner

Sep 28, 2010




Cinda Tilgner with her Koa 6-String



Allen Hopkins

Sep 28, 2010




Allen Hopkins with a beautiful NWAS (all-myrtle) Tenor Classic


221-230 of 261