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Three of our Favorite Musicians!

Aug 7, 2012




Brook Adams, Jim D’Ville and Craig Chee!



A future Mya-Moe owner

Jul 16, 2012




She can’t decide which one to play!



Martine Adriaansen

Jul 7, 2012




With Aaron at the Cairns Ukulele Festival



Pinhung Hsu

Jul 7, 2012




With his uke & sister in Taiwan. Love the expression on her face!



Kevin Carbon

Jun 30, 2012




Here’s Kevin with his Eddie Vedder replica model at the Alaska Fishing lodge where he works as a chef during the summer!



Al Orton

Jun 28, 2012




We love it when owners come visit! Al has the new record at nearly 3,000 miles one-way, just to pick up his Mya-Moe!



Dayna’s Pineapple...

Jun 18, 2012




Mya- Moooa is the cream of the crop! The loveliest girl in the herd.



Mary in Bali

Jun 16, 2012




From the perspective of the ukuleles... “At the end of the pool at Rumah Pantai is a beautiful Bailinese stone carving devoted to music. Sadly, I was not represented. Mary, my owner, took care of that although she preferred to be photographed with her suit on.”



Bonita Jerry

Jun 6, 2012




at her first open mic -- the Ukulele World Congress in Needmore, Indiana




May 30, 2012




LLBeanJ with his new cutaway reso


201-210 of 261