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Oct 28, 2016


I received my resonator and am in love.  It sounds great and looks terrific!   I am always proud to play my Mya-Moe ukes (this is my third) because I know that I am playing a high quality instrument that produces the best possible sound.  When playing a Mya-Moe, you can never say, "Well, if only I had a better uke....". Ain't nothing better in my book.


- Jeffrey K. (2053)



Oct 14, 2016


I couldn’t be happier.  She’s beautiful to look at, solidly built, light as a feather and the action and intonation are exceptional.  It is a joy to play!   Mya-Moe is awesome!


- Mark L. (2041)



Oct 9, 2016


It is absolutely lovely, superb in every detail.  Every aspect of the process has been carefully thought through, even the case and shipping box.


- Persephone B. (2027)



Sep 28, 2016


My banjo ukulele arrived safely today. It was well worth the 15 month wait. The cherry wood is beautiful and the birdseye maple compliments it! The sound is crisp and snappy. I love it.


- Linda H. (2034)



Sep 26, 2016


What drew me the Mya-Moe is their understated elegance; they're absolutely classically exquisite without going off the ostentatious ‘deep-end’.


- Paul F. (2032)



Sep 25, 2016


My new baby arrived a week ago, and of course, I am in love with it! I love everything about this one, the color and grain of the wood, the feel of the neck, action that is smooth as glass, and most of all the sound. The strings truly sing,  the timbre is so bright and rich, and the sustain is the best of any of my ukuleles. Thank you for crafting such a thing of beauty for the eyes and ears.


- Cathy F. (2037)



Sep 22, 2016


It really is even more beautiful than I imagined both in appearance and tone production. It very easy to play and the intonation is excellent.


- Bill B. (2024)



Sep 22, 2016


It really is a beautiful instrument and it plays and sounds great.      I really like the action on this ukulele, especially high on the fret board. It takes surprising little pressure to make clear notes on the first and second frets which makes it a joy to play.      Another thing I love is the neck. I've never played a ukulele with a neck like this before  but it seems much more comfortable to me than a standard shape neck.


- Kelly S. (2031)



Sep 20, 2016


It exceeded my expectations. The Zebrawood is awesome! Thanks so much to your whole team.


- Ron M. (2038)



Sep 15, 2016


It's perfect! It sounds terrific, the sustain is nicredible, and it is oh so pleasing to look at.


- Linda H. (2040)


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