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Sep 22, 2016


It really is a beautiful instrument and it plays and sounds great.      I really like the action on this ukulele, especially high on the fret board. It takes surprising little pressure to make clear notes on the first and second frets which makes it a joy to play.      Another thing I love is the neck. I've never played a ukulele with a neck like this before  but it seems much more comfortable to me than a standard shape neck.


- Kelly S. (2031)



Sep 20, 2016


It exceeded my expectations. The Zebrawood is awesome! Thanks so much to your whole team.


- Ron M. (2038)



Sep 15, 2016


It's perfect! It sounds terrific, the sustain is nicredible, and it is oh so pleasing to look at.


- Linda H. (2040)



Aug 31, 2016


One word - flawless. Many thanks, it's been a pleasure dealing with some special people who produce a very special product.


- Dave C. (2020)



Aug 30, 2016


What a beautiful instrument! It's visually stunning, feels so wonderful to touch, hold and play, and sounds amazing. I love it! Thank you for making my wonderful Cascade ukulele!


- Donna W. (2012)



Aug 30, 2016


It looks and sounds great. We could not be happier with it.


- Jodi L. (2015)



Aug 26, 2016


This is a truly stunning instrument and it sounds fantastic.


- Estelle H. (2010)



Aug 25, 2016


I'm happy to report my Bari arrived safely this afternoon!!! It looks spectacular and sounds even better.  Beautifully balanced tone with bright treble and resonant bass that doesn't overpower.  And the sustain is amazing.  Up the neck it feel like the notes are ringing right through you.  Better than the dream.  I couldn't have asked for more!


- Chris M. (2009)



Aug 25, 2016


From the moment I opened the case, I was hooked.  Thank you for building this amazing ukulele just for me.


- Matt F. (1995)



Aug 24, 2016


I love my Mango Tenor.  I enjoy the craftmanship so much and I am going to keep playing it to my "fans" (right now they are my two cats ; ). The resonance is great and the tone is more balanced without any part stealing the thunder. That's exactlly what I have been searching for.


- Lynn H. (1997)


81-90 of 598