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Nov 24, 2016


Its not just about the ukulele
its also about music
and being creative
on both sides of the strings


- Jim H. (2044)



Nov 22, 2016


Good morning. My beautiful Beansprout banjo arrived late yesterday.  It's more lovely than the pictures.  And the sound!   So crisp and clear.


- Stephanie S. (2110)



Nov 16, 2016


You guys are AMAZING!! This ukulele is more precious and perfect than I ever could have expected! Thank you so much!


- Tia M. (2106)



Nov 16, 2016


You all have exceeded my expectations!! The wood combo is simply beautiful! Gorgeous would also be a good adjective! I love it, and this uke will be played every day!! Wonderful, thank you!


- Lee A. (2107)



Nov 3, 2016


Wow does this sound awesome (looks pretty awesome too!)!  What a fascinating instrument to play. I love how snappy this thing sounds!


- Peter B. (2055)



Nov 3, 2016


I got the ukulele today. It is beautiful, and HOLY RESONANCE, BATMAN! I got this tuned up and playing and it blew my mind. I already loved the Mya-Moes that I have played, but I just can't believe the sound that comes out of this tiny little package. So much sustain! So much resonance! So much wonderful tone! It sounds like I am playing a ukulele that was hand crafted by angels and delivered from the heavens. I LOVE it! Thanks again so much! You guys rock the ukulele universe!


- Nate N. (2075)



Oct 31, 2016


What girl doesn’t love chocolate?  Like a fine confection this ukulele is a mix of white and dark. The neck is smooth as silk and the sounds that come from her are sweet!  My senses come alive as my eyes take in the fine craftsmanship, my nose smells the fragrant wood and my fingers press down on the customized radius fret board as music fills my home!  


- Sue M. (2071)



Oct 28, 2016


I received my resonator and am in love.  It sounds great and looks terrific!   I am always proud to play my Mya-Moe ukes (this is my third) because I know that I am playing a high quality instrument that produces the best possible sound.  When playing a Mya-Moe, you can never say, "Well, if only I had a better uke....". Ain't nothing better in my book.


- Jeffrey K. (2053)



Oct 14, 2016


I couldn’t be happier.  She’s beautiful to look at, solidly built, light as a feather and the action and intonation are exceptional.  It is a joy to play!   Mya-Moe is awesome!


- Mark L. (2041)



Oct 9, 2016


It is absolutely lovely, superb in every detail.  Every aspect of the process has been carefully thought through, even the case and shipping box.


- Persephone B. (2027)


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