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Jul 26, 2017


Dear Gordon, Char and Aaron - Thanks for building such a fine uke; the looks, sound, feel and 'playability' are exemplary. 'Curly Myrtle' gives me much pleasure and I am very grateful to be able to have and play such a wonderful instrument. Thanks again.


- Anthony P. (2142)



Jul 26, 2017


I love my new instrument. The love and care shine in each detail. I now own two pieces of American music history.


- Dona G. (2292)



Jul 23, 2017


It is stunning. I’m excited about playing it, and happy to have such a wonderful uke.


- Janet B. (2356)



Jul 14, 2017


I just wanted to let you know that I picked up my beautiful little Milo this afternoon.  I know you probably hear this a lot, but I think it's worth repeating: you folks do amazing work. It's simply perfect.  


- Scott C. (2257)



Jul 11, 2017


When I opened the case, all I could do was nod my head and smile. The figure and grain are absolutely stunning. It is such a joy to play with nice warmth right out of the case. Thank you for crafting such an awe-inspiring musical instrument.


- Tim H. (2348)



Jul 10, 2017


I play this ukulele every day that I am home.  It is very light, resonate and extraordinarily well built.  It looks so cool too!  I feel fortunate to own this sweet sounding, high quality instrument.


- David H. (2326)



Jul 2, 2017


Love at first sight ! After months of waiting, stocking your website, living on your Shop Tracker page, even hoping you wouldn't sleep, in order to push her through. All my hopes and expectations have been exceeded. Her fine finishes, her incredible sound, everything about her are exceptional. The quality ukulele you have given to me far surpass my abilities. I can't wait to grow into her. Thank you for sharing your gifts of love and music with me.


- Mark B. (2240)



Jun 28, 2017


Thank you for building something so amazing and beautiful.


- Steve R. (2241)



Jun 20, 2017


I can't believe how beautiful it is. Beyond words. Thank you again for everything. And thank you so much for such a beautiful instrument. You guys are truly artists. I love it. Beyond words. Thank you so much.


- Andrew S. (2346)



Jun 19, 2017


Thanks so much, for being a pleasure to do business with, for creating a beautiful looking and sweet sounding object. Thanks for my email shot in the dark -> dream ukulele, and all the steps between then and now.


- Youssef K. (2331)


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