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Jun 19, 2017


I am loving the new 6-string! The mahogany is deeply soulful and the ring and sustain are gorgeous! Thanks for another high quality instrument!


- Kevin C. (2230)



Jun 17, 2017


It is absolutely perfect, just as I imagined in every aspect.  It's a delight to play and look at  :-)  Y'all have some incredible craftsmanship and attention to detail going on over there.  I'm so glad I chose you for my custom uke. The tonal quality and character are sweet to the ear.


- Jordan G. (2155)



Jun 17, 2017


I'm over the moon to see how pretty and how well-balanced the whole design, color and sound turned out to be.. Thank you to entire Mya-Moe team and Larry for such wonderful craftsmanship! I'm also very grateful that the ukulele turned out in time as I'm approaching 2-year mark in my ukulele journey so far. What a great companion to have for long journey ahead!!


- Mariana W. (2332)



Jun 10, 2017


I can't tell you just how happy I am with my new uke.. the tone and sustain are simply put, off the charts awesome. The quality of the myrtle is only matched by its beautiful appearance. The playability and action is nothing short of amazing. What an absolutely top notch instrument that I will cherish forever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart


- Pete M. (2225)



Jun 6, 2017


It is a low-profile but luxury beauty. most important, it is the most comfortable uke that I have ever played. The playability is just blowing me away. I own a few ukes, if I can only keep one, Mya-Moe will be it. This uke is not just an instrument for me. The love you put into this instrument is the source of my daily joy. 


- Joy K. (2306)



Jun 3, 2017


I chose a Koa wood uke because I was looking for that warmer, more mellow tone, and this one delivers just that. It sounds beautiful and the sustain is excellent.The lines and grain of this Koa uke are so clean it has an elegant appearance. And the headplate is special too. Pure class! I love this ukulele and I'm already enjoying playing it.


- Linda H. (2307)



Jun 1, 2017


Wanted to let you know #2304 arrived safely and I LOVE her! Your ukuleles are by far the most playable ukulele we have! The lightness combined with the radiused fretboard are a dream!


- Vickie W. (2304)



May 25, 2017


I am thrilled with the instrument - a beauty to look at and a dream to play. The detail work on the instrument and the quality of the wood itself are incredibly lovely. Then there is the warm sweet sound.... I am more than pleased to say how happy I am to have this lovely Mya-Moe ukulele. Many thanks for designing and creating such a high quality instrument.


- Megan J. (2302)



May 14, 2017


From the moment I opened the case and first laid eyes on it I was in love. The Red Maple is absolutely beautiful - seriously breathtaking, and the craftsmanship as usual is second to none - it was just incredible...and then I started playing it and was transported to the next level. This ukulele has the EXACT sound I was hoping for! Char is the wood whisperer! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this ukulele. It is the crown gem of my instrument collection!


- Nate N. (2204)



May 14, 2017


You have sent me my dream ukulele!!! I always wanted a uke with a redwood sounding board and this one is everything I expected. I have been playing it almost non-stop and it is opening up and sounding better and better. Mya-Moe really does create magic.


- William F. (2205)


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