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Nov 26, 2012


Love my Beansprout!


- Randy C. (873)



Nov 24, 2012


It’s still like bein’ in the worm hole and it just got filled with rose pettles


- Craig S. (881)



Nov 17, 2012


Been playing my new awesome uke. I absolutely *love* it!! I can't even begin to express all the joy and pleasure your instruments give me each and every day. I know that I am very blessed and I am extremely grateful and appreciative for not only the instruments but for the opportunity to have gotten to know and work with you. It is a pleasure and a wonderful gift.


- Karen S. (871)



Nov 16, 2012


Pineapple arrived early and it is beyond elegant. I'm thinking Fred Astaire elegant. The action feels great! Thanks Gordon! A rainy weekend predicted for L.A. Perfect for hunkering down and breaking in the strings. It sounds different from my koa pineapple which is exactly what I wanted. Thank you!


- Donicia A. (872)



Nov 16, 2012


My ukulele is safely home with me, and oh.... the joy, the joy. Blissful times of playing ahead for me. I handed the instrument to my son, who is a fine musician, and immediately he remarked that the four strings together created a much more integrated sound than what he hears from other ukuleles. Each chord sounds like a sweet, full unit of music. That plunky, rubber-band thing that other ukes have -- completely absent.


- Juli K. (877)



Nov 15, 2012


Thank you all for a great job. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is fantastic. To me the sound is the key to any instrument. I am really enjoying listening to it and look forward to many years of great tones and hopefully some great tunes coming out of this uke.


- Rusty S. (866)



Nov 15, 2012


Thank you very much for (another) unique instrument! It is light as a feather, the maple feels smooth and looks like marble, and the tone is just, yes ...mya-moe: clear, precise, balanced and with somewhat in it you can't describe. It wants me to become a much better ukulele player; but on the way to that I can already enjoy--it already gives present of a wonderful sound!


- Marc W. (868)



Nov 13, 2012


Did I tell you how beautiful this instrument is? I have affectionately named it El Diablo and it has surpassed my expectations! You guys are really doing something special up there in Washington! Thanks again!!


- John R. (847)



Nov 11, 2012


Hey guys,
Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much I love my Mya Moe! She is just so buttery smooth and her voice is to die for.
Thanks Again!


- Ryan V. (592)



Nov 10, 2012


This is one amazingly beautiful instrument. Sounds great, plays wonderfully, feels like it was born in my hands, and the options we chose are perfect. Thanks so much.


- Rob S. (865)


551-560 of 598