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John M.

May 1, 2014




With his Cocobolo Tenor Resonator



Christopher K.

Apr 28, 2014




Windin’ down...



Wai C.

Apr 27, 2014




With his Curly Myrtle Tenor Cutaway Classic



Fred T.

Apr 25, 2014




With his Cascade Series, Master Grade Myrtle, Tenor Six-String



Sufjan Stevens

Apr 18, 2014




He promised us a pic of he & Justin Bieber, and this is what he sent!



Evan S.

Apr 17, 2014




With his Curly Myrtle/Curly Redwood Tenor Classic



Patrick M.

Mar 22, 2014




With his new Curly Koa Concert Classic



Fred T.

Mar 21, 2014




With his new Walnut Concert Resonator



Ian M.

Mar 21, 2014




Owner Ian M. with Jim D’Ville down under



Mari & Khan

Mar 11, 2014




Two new owners got together to try out each others’ instruments!


81-90 of 261