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Jan Hoak

Sep 16, 2009




Jan Hoak enjoying her Quilted Cherry Resonator!



Jeff Ellison

Sep 16, 2009




Jeff Ellison in Hawaii playing his brand new Mya-Moe custom Cutway Tenor Classic.



Craig Chee

Sep 14, 2009




Craig Chee with a koa resonator in Japan!



Derek Nedveck

Sep 11, 2009




Here's Derek Nedveck, son of owner David Nedveck, playing his Myrtle Reso at a Farmer's Market in Wisconsin.



Moe Dixon

Aug 10, 2009




Moe won't let just anyone play one of his Mya-Moe's...
but here is good friend, Freebo, rockin' out on Moe's Koa Classic!



Lil’ Rev

Jul 20, 2009




Lil' Rev's daughter, Mariela, prefers the 6-String!



Craig Belcher

Jun 28, 2009




Craig Belcher with his new mango classic. We had a great time getting to know Craig at the 2009 Portland Uke Fest!



Matthew McCravey

May 8, 2009




Matthew McCravey plays a Mya-Moe Pau Rosa Resonator (donated to the 2009 Gorge Fiddle Contest) with local luthier & musician, Paul Lestock.



Steve Einhorn

Jan 21, 2009




"AAaahhhh! That's JUST RIGHT!"

Steve bonded with the not-too-shabby Fiddleback Mahogany Classic complete with snappy rope binding.



Moe Dixon

Dec 2, 2008




Moe Dixon with his koa resonator literally in the redwoods!


251-260 of 261