Hand-Rubbed Oil


This Tru-Oil satin finish offers superior acoustics and playability.


The finish can have a large affect on acoustics. The oil finish is so thin and light that it has very little acoustic impact. And, the finish is so smooth that the neck plays very fast.


In terms of durabilty, it is a bit of a mixed bag. The oil finish is susceptible to scratches & marks, but, it is easily repaired by the owner and requires no special tools.


After hand sanding to 600 grit, we use 4 hand-rubbed coats of Tru-Oil with a special premium 0000 steel wool (not the stuff avaiable at the local hardware store) in between each coat. After the last coat of oil, we apply lemon oil to the instrument. We sell a maintenance package that consist of a microfiber cleaning cloth and a small bottle of lemon oil.