Sizes for The Classic


The Classic model is available in all 5 sizes: Soprano, Super Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone. Each of these sizes is definined by a combination of body size and scale length (the distance from the nut to the saddle--this distance determines the spacing between the frets).


When choosing your custom ukulele, you should take into consideration acoustics, comfort (how the body size feels), and playbility (primarily affected by fret spacing). There is no right or wrong answer.


While the baritone is typically tuned to d-g-b-e, and the others tuned to g-c-e-a, in fact any ukulele can be set to nearly any tuning with the right set of strings. Just let us know what tuning you'd like and we'll put the right set of strings on your instrument. We've designed string sets for at least 10 different tunings including C6, D6, open G, open C, open A, mandolin, Lyle Ritz, and baritone.


You can visit our sound sample page to hear different woods in combination with different sizes of ukuleles.



When most people imagine a ukulele, it is the Soprano that they picture. It is the smallest size of ukulele, but has a suprisingly big volume. The scale length is 13.5", so the fret spacing gets very tight as you go up the neck.


Cllick here to hear Brook Adams playing Tico-Tico on his Soprano Tradition.



This is a Soprano body with a 14-fret-to-body Concert neck (14.72" scale length). It's a great combination of a very small and comfortable body size combined with a more spacious neck than the Soprano.


Click here to hear Alex Becrelis playing an original that he wrote & plays on his Super Soprano Classic.


Here's a video we made comparing a Soprano to a Super Soprano:





Our second most popular size, the Concert features a 14.72" scale length, and can be orderd with either 12 or 14 frets-to-the-body (the Pineapple is only available in 14 frets-to-the-body).



The most popular size by a wide margin. The tenor has a 17" scale length and a comfortable body with deep & wide acoustics. The Mya-Moe Tenor performs well in many different tunings, including low-g and high-g.



The Baritone is the largest size of ukulele, designed that way in order to accurately represent the lower bass tones that it's usual tuning (d-g-b-e) demands. It has a 20" scale length.