Electronic Pickups


Pickups and pickup systems can be as complex and individualized as the instrument itself. And, the ukulele, versus a larger, heavier instrument such as a guitar, puts even greater demands on the pickup.


We have sought out and selected pickups that have the following characteristics, in priority order:


* accurately represent the acoustics of the instrument

* simple and trouble-free

* minimal added weight


And, while we have our personal favorites, pickup selection is as personal as the selection of the wood. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Schatten Designs Biscuit Bridge Resonator Pickup ($150)

Resonator instruments are notoriously difficult to amplify--not only because of the acoustic properties, but also because of the space and access limitations. This pickup, made in Canada, is warm and balanced. It is specifically designed for a biscuit bridge resonator instrument. It is a passive pickup, which is lightweight with no on-board electronics.


The output of this pickup is relatively low, so we recommend a powered pre-amp, such as the L.R. Baggs Venue, which will allow you to EQ and boost the signal.


If you're not sure if you want a pickup or not, we recommend not getting one. It does have a slight affect on the acoustics of the instrument (since it adds weight to the "cone"), and it can always be added later.