" The level of service (I am a pain- I know that) and the quality of the instrument I have received today far outweigh the amount of money I sent you fine folks…which was very hard to part with for me. I am glad to have zero regrets in doing so, because this Ukulele will make me smile more than you could ever imagine. Just felt it was imperative to send you all a thank you note."

- Dave L.


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Scheduled Start Date: Aug 28, 2012
Completed: Sep 17, 2012

  • Curly Cherry back & sides

  • Sitka Spruce top

  • Koa body binding

  • Hand-rubbed oil finish

  • Radiused Ebony fretboard with Koa binding & Abalone markers

  • Mahogany neck

  • Geared machine head tuners with amber buttons

  • Leopardwood & Maple Signature Headplate

Hand-crafted in the USA by Gordon & Char Mayer and Aaron Keim. Each instrument is numbered & signed.


Wood Grade: Classic
Wood Availability: This wood species is available. Specific wood sets vary.

Cascade Series Wood Cascade Series Wood


Gallery Photos (completed instrument)



Full Front

Owner Pics & Instrument Videos

Curly Cherry w/Spruce Top

Dave L. with his new reso!

Build Schedule





Aug 28

bend sides, glue in neck block


Aug 30

glue in tail block, rout sound ports in top, install soundwell


Aug 31

rout & glue-in end graft, kerf top edge, kerf bottom edge, brace back


Sep 3

brace top, glue back onto sides


Sep 4

glue top onto sides, prep fretboard & neck


Sep 5

clean up body, rout dovetail, drill tuner holes, glue fretboard onto neck, rout binding channels, glue in top binding


Sep 6

shape neck, dress fret ends, glue in back binding


Sep 7

prep for finish, glue neck/fretboard onto body


Sep 10

first coat of oil


Sep 11

second coat of oil


Sep 12

third coat of oil


Sep 13

fourth coat of oil


Sep 14

apply lemon oil, setup cone & biscuit bridge (& pickup, if any)


Sep 17

final fretwork, cut nut, put in tuners, put on strings

Original Wood Set