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Jan 14, 2017


You know you're in love when you think about your beloved all the time and you can't wait to see and be with them again.  I love my Mya-Moe! A great musical instrument is made from all the attention to detail Char, Gordon, and Aaron put in.  From the strap added to the case to the custom headstock to the emails exchanged with Char and Gordon, getting a Mya-Moe is all about attention to details. I won't enumerate further details - that's for you to discover.  I will say, that the end result is a musical instrument that sing beautiful notes to you; speaks to your ears, eyes, hands, mind, and heart.


- Jonathan P. (2091)



Jan 7, 2017


Your most excellent ukulele arrived safe and sound!  Amazing would be too pale a description for this ukulele, very rarely do you get to have your cake and eat it to ! Beauty with a bold sound, yet has that undertone woody quality along with a strong ring tone.


- Brian O. (2090)



Dec 27, 2016


I have just received the new ukulele and it is absolutely fantastic. The tone, the finish, everything. I am looking forward to the many many years of enjoyment I will get out of both of these masterpieces.


- Bob W. (2125)



Dec 23, 2016


WOW! Gorgeous! And the tone is as beautiful as the ukulele looks. Love the head plate and sides you chose to compliment the back. This instrument makes a statement - I hear ‘play me.’ Thank you for your amazing craftsmanship.


- Linda H. (2086)



Dec 21, 2016


Just had to say how much I love my new instrument from you. Two weeks ago I received it and already it sounds so great, even up the neck now and muted.


- Ken B. (2112)



Dec 10, 2016


What a beautiful Instrument. It is so nice to hold it in my hands, and the first strum on it (after tuning) blow me away. Sounds great if strummed or picked. I love it so much and could not be happier with this little Beauty. Thank you so, so much for building this Resonator Ukulele - a dream come true - great craftmanship!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for the great service and friendly contact, to both of you, too!!!!!!!


- Bettina W. (2114)



Dec 9, 2016


My ukulele arrived yesterday! Thank you so much for all the love and craftsmanship that has gone into the uke. It will be a treasured member of our family for years and years and years.


- Nannette H. (2113)



Dec 6, 2016


My concert banjo-uke arrived and all I could say was WOW!  I love the sound!  I have 3 other banjo-ukes, but none have this sweet and clear voice.   I played it at our uke jam last night, and several people kept turning around to ask about this little treasure.   It got passed around the group, since everyone wanted to give it a strum!  I've been playing it non-stop since getting it.  Thanks, I love it!


- Jeffrey K. (2147)



Nov 30, 2016


My ukulele arrived yesterday and I have been playing ever since.  It is a wonderful instrument. It has stared to open up already and it is so easy to play. I will send you pictures as soon as I can make arrangements, but that means having to put the uke down and that is very hard to do right now.


- William F. (2082)



Nov 30, 2016


I wanted to thank you again for building such a beautiful instrument.  Beautiful sound, beautiful appearance and beautiful feel. I think it sounds like honey. You have an amazing product - not just because of the physical instrument, but because of everything.  Know that this instrument will be loved, played, shared and passed down.  We feel honored to be part of Mya-Moe.


- Karen R. (2081)


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