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Dec 25, 2012


The ukulele arrived today safely in perfect condition. It's breathtakingly beautiful, and as important if not more importantly, sounds even better than it looks (if that's possible). I love it!!! It's amazing how much more beautiful it looks in person versus the on-line pictures.


- Michael B. (909)



Dec 23, 2012


My uke came, and it is perfect. I don't know what else to say, it is simply perfect. I thank you, Char, and Aaron so very much for the craftsmanship you shared with me.

I know you guys hear this all the time, but you're great, and I am so glad to do business with you.


- David C. (916)



Dec 21, 2012


O.K., deep breath, I only started taking uke lessons this month, but I'm going to take the plunge and put an order in with you guys. I LOVE this wood! My 8-yr.-old is pretty enamored with it, too, (he thinks it looks like animal fur!). I've been playing a bamboo concert uke, but I have to admit that I enjoy playing Curt's tenor more. There's just something about a Mya-Moe...


- Becky L. (1123)



Dec 20, 2012


I can't even express with words how gorgeous this instrument really is!


- Sue A. (912)



Dec 19, 2012


My uke arrived a few weeks ago, and is lovely. I have been playing it during all my waking hours – can’t put it down! It looks great, sounds great, and plays like a dream. My playing has already gone in all sorts of interesting (at least to me) new directions from having this wonderful instrument to fool around on, which is the best thing about it. Thanks a lot–it’s brilliant. You don’t run into many things as perfect as this in your life.


- Neville M. (885)



Dec 18, 2012


BTW, I was playing with the Mya-Moe just now and I just have to let you know that it is one of the best playing ukes I own. And I do own quite a few now. It is definitely the easiest to play, and one of the loudest around. I will definitely come back for more when you have other unique woods in store.


- Alex L. (999)



Dec 17, 2012


The baritone uke arrived today in fine form. It is a gorgeous instrument – I am very pleased with the way it turned out and, of course, with the lively sound. Again, thank you for all of your work!


- Christian P. (907)



Dec 16, 2012


Thanks for taking so much time through all the mails explaining to me so much on custom instruments, and helping me understand and embracing the uniqueness of every instrument.

I have received the instrument and it feels great in the hands and is really playable. Love it.


- Alex L. (999)



Dec 15, 2012


The uke is perfect; the tone is clear as a bell, and really a lot louder than I expected. I have been playing it extensively, both solo and for accompanying fiddles and it really does suit every purpose I throw at it. The electronics too, are excellent. A soundman said to me, ‘That little thing is a LOT ****ing louder than I was expecting!’ The audience also flat out could not believe that it was a ukulele that I was playing.


- Rufus H. (841)



Dec 14, 2012


I am gobsmacked! It is simply gorgeous. The low action is easy on the fingers. The radiused fretboard reduces the amount of pressure needed for making bar chords. The tone is bright and clear, the intonation perfect. Anyone shopping for a ukulele who wants great looks, killer tone, perfect intonation and superior craftsmanship has to consider Mya-Moe.


- Joe B. (901)


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