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Apr 13, 2017


My ukulele arrived safely and I'm in love!!!!!! Thank y'all so much!!!


- Cameron C. (2197)



Apr 3, 2017


An outstanding instrument, it looks gorgeous, plays easily and sounds great. I’m very happy, thank you for that beautiful ukulele !


- Christian W. (2184)



Mar 31, 2017


What can I say—I am beyond thrilled with my new ukulele! it is beautiful beyond words and the artistry is breathtaking.


- Holly G. (2169)



Mar 26, 2017


I am loving my new MM Koa 6-string Tenor!  It looks awesome and has a sound unlike any other uke I own.   The octave pairing on the C and A strings are very unique, and the uke has amazing sustain.  It has beautiful craftsmanship and a fine voice.   Very cool!  Thank you all!


- Jeffrey K. (2202)



Mar 23, 2017


What a sensory experience! A work of art to gaze upon, my hand slides effortlessly over the silky smooth finish, the woodsy aroma offers scents from the forest, and its complex voice really shimmers. I love just letting each chord ring out. My perceptual universe is complete. Thank you Mya-Moe!


- Tim H. (2101)



Mar 19, 2017


Wow, it's a big almost-guitar in voice!  I noodled and strummed enough to retune three times so we are getting acquainted today.  I realize the wide path ahead to learning a new instrument, but I love what I hear... and it is oh soooo pretty to gaze upon.  I get lost in the grain both above and beneath, even the fancy chips in the headstock.  The trees must be proud....


- Libby M. (2163)



Mar 8, 2017


2178 arrived, in all its glory. It is absolutely beautiful, and it plays beautifully. Thank you.


- Jim R. (2178)



Mar 7, 2017


It is absolutely gorgeous. The tone and sustain are incredible!  There goes my ‘to-do’ list for today. It's me and this lovely koa super-soprano.


- Joanne C. (2159)



Feb 11, 2017


I've had my new tenor for over a week now and it is awesome! It is opening up nicely and the sound continues to grow! I'm really blown away by the sycamore sound! I've been playing for about six years now and I swear, I've had to rethink my approach when playing this ukulele. The sensitivity and dynamics of the sycamore are truly impressive!


- Danny C. (2141)



Jan 21, 2017


My ukelele arrived safely and on schedule last night.  And I am thrilled with it!  It plays well and sounds like I had hoped for right out of the box.  Can’t wait for it to open up and really show its stuff.


- Michael S. (2133)


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