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Ukulele World Congress

Aug 15, 2015




Here’s some of the Mya-Moe Owners that got together at the Ukulele World Congress in Needmore, IN



Cynthia K.

Aug 14, 2015




With her new Master Grade Chocolate Heart Myrtle Concert Classic



Kristoffer F.

Aug 8, 2015




With his new Curly Koa Tenor Resonator



Danielle H.

Jul 21, 2015




With her Master Grade Curly Mango Tenor Classic. Check out her signature “otter” inlay!



Eileen S.

Jul 18, 2015




Love it when owners can make the trek to our house to pick up their new instruments!



Jenny H.

Jul 10, 2015




...with her new Master Grade Chocolate Heart Myrtle Tenor Classic



Rob S.

Jul 10, 2015




Dress rehearsal, "We the People," Green Valley Theatre Company, Sacramento CA. (Drummer Peter Halldorf on left.)



Clare J.

Jul 10, 2015




...with her new Curly Koa Tenor Classic



Stephen K.

Jul 6, 2015




At Harris Beach State Park, Oregon



Lots of Mya-Moe’s!

Jul 5, 2015




Jeff B, Victoria Vox & Mike H. at the Allegheny Ukulele Kollective's Ukulele Soiree


31-40 of 261