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L.L. Bean J

Nov 19, 2012




L.L. Bean J with his new 6-string and sporting a great shirt from Alan Hill in Australia!



Another Jim D’Ville Fan!

Nov 18, 2012




Jim D’Ville and Rich Dann in Tahoe




Nov 9, 2012




Emma, Jim’s Siberian Husky, questioning if he really got this in tune.



Marieke S. with her new pineapple!

Sep 29, 2012




She says “I love the beautiful pineapple ukulele you made for me. I am pretty petite, and when I hold it, it actually looks like I am holding a wee ukulele instead of people thinking I am playing a small guitar when I play my tenor.”



New owner Dave L.

Sep 18, 2012




...who we caught up with at the Wine Country Uke Fest.



Jim M.

Sep 18, 2012




...who now owns 3 Mya-Moe’s!



Taylor Goldsmith (Dawes)

Aug 31, 2012




With his new Walnut Beansprout Banjo Ukulele just before playing to a sold out crowd at Red Rocks.



Marcus Mumford & Char

Aug 31, 2012




The best caption for this photo was, “he can keep the girl, just give back the Beansprout Banjo Ukulele!”



Winston Marshall

Aug 31, 2012




With his new Maple Beansprout Banjo Ukulele at Red Rocks.



New Owner Juan R.

Aug 31, 2012




Juan with his new redwood-topped 6-string


191-200 of 261