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New owner Dave L.

Sep 18, 2012




...who we caught up with at the Wine Country Uke Fest.



Jim M.

Sep 18, 2012




...who now owns 3 Mya-Moe’s!



Taylor Goldsmith (Dawes)

Aug 31, 2012




With his new Walnut Beansprout Banjo Ukulele just before playing to a sold out crowd at Red Rocks.



Marcus Mumford & Char

Aug 31, 2012




The best caption for this photo was, “he can keep the girl, just give back the Beansprout Banjo Ukulele!”



Winston Marshall

Aug 31, 2012




With his new Maple Beansprout Banjo Ukulele at Red Rocks.



New Owner Juan R.

Aug 31, 2012




Juan with his new redwood-topped 6-string



Bonita J. and Victoria Vox

Aug 25, 2012




Victoria Vox with owner Bonita J. in Indianapolis



John L. with his new Redwood/Myrtle Tenor

Aug 24, 2012




We love it when a new owner comes to pick up their instrument in person!



Sabu and his Mya-Moe

Aug 20, 2012




Dogs are Mya-Moe’s best friends!



New Owner Derek Hirsch

Aug 19, 2012




Here’s what Derek had to say: “I love how light this axe is! This lightness translates as responsiveness, like an F1 race car, sweet and clear in the quiet, slow parts but loud and fast when I need to floor it! 5 stars!”


191-200 of 261