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"I adore my concert myrtle ebony Mya Moe!  Just holding her is a joy.  I love the feeling of the fretboard, the smell of the beautiful wood, the incredible lightness and ballance. Nicknamed  "Miss Myrtle", she has a sweet voice, subtle and warm with lots of sustain when plucked, and a big ring with not a hint of brashness when I smack down the rhythm parts."

- Heidi Swedberg (1206)

Figured Mahogany

Mar 26




Master Grade Myrtle

Mar 10




Roy W.

Mar 9 - From latest owner pics





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Master Grade Myrtle


Super Soprano Classic (1617)


The Unscripted Video Series

Week 123: Clamping Pressure


Here's one of the videos from our Unscripted Series. In 2012-2014 we did 158 weekly videos on all topics Mya-Moe and Ukulele! You can see the entire series here.



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Mya-Moe Ukuleles Mya-Moe Ukuleles
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Mya-Moe Ukuleles Mya-Moe Ukuleles 28 March 2015, 23:23
Happy Sunday! Check out this clay sculpture!
Mya-Moe Ukuleles added a new photo.
Colette Courgie Falloon Colette Courgie Falloon 28 March 2015, 00:44
Colette Courgie Falloon wrote on Mya-Moe Ukuleles's timeline.
Im going to save for a year, then put my name down, and sell my sax, big step
Mya-Moe Ukuleles Mya-Moe Ukuleles 25 March 2015, 23:53
James Hill - Promenade (Live)
Here's James Hill with "Promenade" https://youtu.be/K1KglHKybm8
Pete McCarty That last bit of playing made the whole video... Dude brings it on that Mya-Moe..:0)
26 March 2015, 15:58
Joe O'Byrne Where did you find this it's brilliant. ;)
26 March 2015, 02:20
Sean Askins Like it
26 March 2015, 04:02



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Blind Pilot, Hook & Anchor

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Blind Pilot, Hook & Anchor

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