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(1 Sep 2015 )



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"Hey Team, just wanted to send you more thanks and appreciation for all the hard work, care and love that you put into Beatrice. She is absolutely amazing. My neighbors love her too. I've noticed that they are spending more time in their backyards in the evenings. Maybe they are just doing more yard work, but I like to tell myself they are coming out to hear the lovely sounds of Bea."

- Capt. Weird Beard (744)

Victoria Vox

Aug 27




Ali H.

Aug 27 - From latest owner pics





Latest Completed Work Demo

Cocobolo/Port Orford Cedar


Tenor Classic -- Secret Vault Series (1847)


The Unscripted Video Series

Week 171: Aaron’s Camp Uke


Here's one of the videos from our Unscripted Series. In 2012-2014 we did 158 weekly videos on all topics Mya-Moe and Ukulele! You can see the entire series here.



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Mya-Moe Ukuleles Mya-Moe Ukuleles
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Liverpool Ukulele Ceilidh October 22-25, 2015 shared an event to Mya-Moe Ukuleles's Timeline.
Please let all your fans know about #Liverpoolceilidh2015 Thanks very much.
Mya-Moe Ukuleles Mya-Moe Ukuleles 01 September 2015, 12:46
Walnut and Ebony Beansprout banjo ukulele.
Mya-Moe Ukuleles added 3 new photos.
Mya-Moe Ukuleles Mya-Moe Ukuleles 01 September 2015, 06:49
#1841, Master Grade Koa Tenor Classic will be in available now later this morning
Joe O'Byrne Sweet.
01 September 2015, 07:41



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Blind Pilot

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Blind Pilot, Hook & Anchor

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