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(14 Dec 2018 )



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"I am absolutely delighted with my new Mya-Moe ukulele.  I can play it more easily than any other ukulele I have.  It sounds the best of all my ukuleles.  And it's drop-dead gorgeous. But I have to say that the Mya-Moe experience is more than that.  Their process allows the new owner to observe every build step.  They professional make you feel part of their extended family.  You, the new owner, will know that your ukulele is not just special but very much designed to be your special ukulele.""

- Frank D. (1566)

Paul L.

Nov 29 - From latest owner pics




Belén R.

Nov 29 - From latest owner pics




Howard O.

Nov 2 - From latest owner pics





The Unscripted Video Series

Week 249: Gordon and Char chat about Cary


Gordon and Char chat about Cary


Latest Completed Work Demo

CWD: #2526


Completed Work Demo of #2526 Master Grade Chocolate Heart Mango Tenor Classic. Koa Binding, Maple Rosette, Walnut/Maple signature headstock and black machine tuners (2526)