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(24 Apr 2017 )



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Vital Stats:

Stock Instruments Available? 2

Number of Trees Planted: 171


Completed in the last 7 days: 7

In the shop: 22

"Build Quality: The uke is designed and built as flawlessly as you can expect from a hand-made instrument.

Playability: This area is where the uke truly shines.

Sound: This is my 2nd Mya-Moe and I find it superior acoustically to my first one in almost every aspect. Basically, it has significantly more of the Mya-Moe goodness."

- Ryan C. (1818)

Tim H.

Apr 8 - From latest owner pics




Charles C. with his new Tenor Classic

Mar 21 - From latest owner pics





The Unscripted Video Series

Week 223: Zoey the Shop Dog


Some interesting info on Zoey


Latest Completed Work Demo

Walnut/Curly Port Orford Cedar


Tenor Classic (2220)